Some things you might want to know

What is Recheck?
Recheck is a social platform for sharing reviews and stories of neighborhoods. It helps people find a great place to live.
What problem does Recheck solve?
When searching for a new place to buy or rent, you want to know as much as possible. The problem today is that this possible knowledge is very limited and takes a lot of work.

No matter how hard you research, you won’t know everything you need about a potential neighborhood. The knowledge you have of an area you lived in, compared to an area you’ve only researched is huge.

Recheck attempts to close this gap by tapping into the experience of real time neighborhood residents and placing their knowledge at the tips of your fingers anywhere in the world.

Recheck is the missing link when searching for a place to live or invest, it gives you a more clear, more personal view of the area you’re interested in.
Who should use Recheck?
You should use Recheck if you would like to help the community by sharing your thoughts, or if you’re looking for a place to live and would like to tap into the experiences of local residents.
How can I join Recheck as a member?
That’s easy! You just sign up here
How easy is it to add my review?
Piece of cake! We developed a super easy wizard that walks you through 2 easy steps you can start here.
How can I see what others reviewed?
This feature will be open to the public very soon, we will notify everyone about this, don’t worry we will keep you update, just make sure you signed up so we notify you.
Does it cost money for membership?
No, is absolutely free, no hidden catch.
Is my information private?
Your email is safe with us and if you logged in with a social network we will not post anything on your wall. You can rest assure that we won’t do anything stupid.
How often will I receive notifications
We don’t spam! We will do our best to send you only interesting stuff, in your user settings you can always decide to stop receiving notifications.

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