Sign up for a free realtor account and attract more buyers

We would love to invite you to Recheck! This is a platform which can help everyone find a great place to live by exploring real life insights of actual people in every city and neighborhood in the USA.

I'm a realtor. How does your platform help me?

Well, Recheck is a vast, sophisticated platform for targeting potential customers based on their interests and behavior. It includes some unique features such as:

• Manage your listing • AI Targeted ads on our feed • Potential client alerts • Analytics • And many other fantastic tools…

We are currently working hard on collecting information from our members, so you are welcome to join and share yours as well. Once our goal is reached, we will launch the business model which will help you increase sales as a realtor. To start helping your business, we're offering a free professional profile page on the Recheck website. This will help you build a great presence online. You will be able to share your business information including photos, contact information, social network links etc…

Ok, so how does it work?

After you sign up to our website, leave a review on a neighborhood that you're already familiar with. This will enable you to use our system for free for 1 month once it is fully launched and includes all available business models.

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with an affiliate link. The more you share it (those referred by you sign up as well and leave reviews), the more “Recheck Points” will be added to your account. These may later be redeemed for a monthly membership. (The length of the membership will be based on the amount of your contribution points.)