5 Best Places to Live in California for Families with Kids
5 Best Places to Live in California for Families with Kids
Are you planning on buying a home in California? Are you looking for the best The following are ranked as the best neighborhoods to live and raise kids according to a latest survey.places to raise a family in the state?

1. Piedmont, San Francisco

Piedmont is considered the best place to raise a family in California in 2016 because of stellar schools located within the community, low crime rate and great places to check out for families and kids. It is quite expensive to rent an apartment in Piedmont but locals say that it’s worth it. Residents love the way they feel safe and secure in Piedmont and said that compared to other communities and towns from any state, they feel better and safer here.

2. San Ramon, CA

San Ramon is one of the most peaceful neighborhoods in California with no crime whatsoever. Grade schools and high schools found in the area have stellar reputations plus everything seems to be very accessible. There are parks, playgrounds, markets, hospitals and recreational facilities nearby. There are fantastic places for families to visit and have fun too so all in all, San Ramon makes a great place to live and start a family.

3. Hillsborough, San Francisco

Hillsborough is another safe and secure community in California with a close-to zero crime rate. Home values are quite high though but families still prefer this community than any other in the city. There are top-ranking schools and high schools in the area as well as educational and recreational facilities for kids and families. And one of the most amazing part about living in Hillsborough is the people. Residents here are very interested in helping others especially the less fortunate. If you love to volunteer and have a heart in helping people out then Hillsborough is your kind of neighborhood.

4. Los Altos Hills, San Jose

A nice neighborhood with excellent facilities and amenities for families and kids. Los Altos has excellent public schools and private schools. The neighborhood is known for its amazing parks, large green areas, recreational facilities, commercial areas and educational facilities. It has a stellar rate when it comes to crime and because of this it is one of the safest and the most preferred places to live in the state. And when it comes to great destinations, Los Altos Hills is teeming with natural beauty, cool outdoor recreational facilities, museums, parks and more.

5. Palo Alto, CA

Palo Alto has the best private and public schools receiving an A+ grade from most surveys and lists. The town has affordable homes for rent and for sale thus allowing average income families to live and thrive. Crime rate is average but still one of the lowest in the state. There are fantastic facilities for family recreation such as parks, theaters, malls, playgrounds and more. It is considered one of the most peaceful and perfect places to live for young couples and of course for families with kids.

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