Free Tools for Checking an Area Before Buying a House
Free Tools for Checking an Area Before Buying a House
In the market for a new home? There are a lot of things to consider especially if you have no idea what kind of neighborhood you are getting into. Luckily there are special free tools that will help you check an area first to help you make that smart buying decision. Here are a few great ones., and

These are free apps that will not just let you find properties for sale but will also let you look for homes using a filter such as the price, number of baths and bedrooms, size of the property, features and so on. These apps are very accurate because these are from more than 1000 multiple listing services all over the US.


This is another app similar to the ones mentioned above but highlights other important aspects of the area where you plan to live. It provides accurate information on local school listings, lot boundaries, transportation hubs and so on.


This is a very useful app that lets users know nearby establishments, businesses and commercial centers. Use AroundMe to identify where the nearest banks, coffee shops, gas station, hotels, hospitals, bus stops, taxi companies, supermarkets and so on. Every list is on a map plus you can also use GPS to find the business or establishment you are looking for.

CrimeReports and SpotCrime

These are free services that can be accessed online which offers a list of crime reports from police and community centers. Simply place the zip code or the address of the place that you wish to live or where you will be buying a home and soon you will have a list of the crimes that are very popular in the area. Crime mapping services are also used by realtors and brokers to find out the best value for the property that they are trying to sell. As a homeowner, compare neighborhoods or communities before buying a home to ensure the safety and security of your family and property.

National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW)

This is a general crime mapping service specific to sexual offenders. Simply enter the address in the section provided and you will be given a number of listed sex offenders in the area. This is a United States Department of Justice site that has an accurate database of all the convicted sex offenders in the country however, you should still be very careful since not all sexual offenders have been convicted and are listed.

Free tools from a real estate expert

There are a lot of free tools to check out an area online but how do you know which one is the right one? It is always best to consult a real estate agent or broker that knows local environment and local situation. He will not just provide you with the most useful tools but will also give you first-hand information to help you make the best choice. Most real estate agents provide free consultation services to try out their services so it’s definitely a cost-efficient idea.

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