How to review your neighborhood
How to review your neighborhood
Since we were little kids we all dream about the perfect place we want to live in when we grow up. It’s clear that we won’t find it from the first attempt and we’re going to wander here and there until we finally settle down for good. Finding the dream home/neighborhood is not an easy thing to do, and there are a lot of things to take into account before you even start looking around.

This is exactly why we created to help you figure out what’s the best option for depending on your preferences. Recheck is the friendliest community information sharing platform, where people share their experiences from different areas they live in, helping at the same time a great number of people.

So, if you wish to share a couple of facts about your area, you can do it by following the next 3 super easy steps:


Go to and login to the system, you can use your Facebook account by pushing the blue button or Google by pushing the red button; this will save you from a headache by creating an account with the existing password on your social media accounts.

2. Choose location

Enter an address from the area you wish to review. This can be an exact address, a larger area such as a neighborhood or even an entire city/town. You also have the freedom to review the city you live in today or another place you lived in the past as long as your opinion valid and can help other users.

3. Give your rating

Now you need to choose your title and write a small description up to 2000 letters; try to keep it interesting and on point so that other users share it and rate you as a good contributor . You need to pick a title, write your thoughts and choose from the pros and cons tags; the process is very simple and straightforward and it will take you only 2 minutes.

Once you are finished, you can also contribute to our cause by sharing the address of our website with your friends and family and hopefully we’ll gather enough information for everyone to use it!

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