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Wenli Liu
Artist, Texas

Born in Beijing, China, Wenli’s interest for drawing started to show in her early childhood, and has become her focus ever since. She graduated from Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture in the 90's, and following her passion for literature and arts, worked as journalist/editor many years.

Jason Weingart
Photographer, Texas

Jason Weingart offers a wide range of hands on photographic training, online courses, and tutorials . He hosts several workshops each year covering topics such as documenting severe weather, astrophotography, urban exploration, and landscape photography...

Chad Weisser
Photographer, Miami

Weisser is truly a citizen of the world unequivocally incapable of remaining static. A nomad, from childhood having lived in countless cities i.e. Sarasota, Austin, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Miami & NYC...

Neil Kremer
Photographer, California

Kremer is a commercial photographer. He shoots people in a studio or on location using a delicate balance of available and strobe light. Whether it’s an art produced set involving a large team or simple portrait, his goal is to capture honest moments that invoke emotion in the viewer...

Rafael Gonzalez
Photographer, Miami

From a young age I have always been surrounded by art in one form or another. My mother was very interested in Fine Arts and bought my brother and I books on the subject. As I got older I became interested in photography and started experimenting with the camera. When I bought my first camera in 1970, a Minolta...

Carlos Alvarado
Photographer, New Jersy

I picked up my first camera (point and shoot) at the age of 15 and loved capturing whatever I could. In 2005 I picked up a Nikon D70S and got a bit more involved with photography. For me, this was the starting point of my photography career...

Enmanuel Ramirez
Photographer, Miami

Born in Guatemala, after spending some time in New York I moved to Miami, where I currently reside .. Since I have memory I always call the attention the cameras and all that kind of thing...

Eduardo Aguirre
Photographer, Miami

I became a photographer because I wanted to have a hobby. I still consider myself a hobbyist even though I have paid gigs. I'm so appreciative that people recognize my talent and are willing to pay for my work...