Rafael Gonzalez

Photographer, Miami

From a young age Rafael have always been surrounded by art in one form or another. His mother was very interested in the "Fine Arts" and bought him and his brother books on the subject. As he got older he became interested in photography and started experimenting with the camera.
When I bought my first camera in 1970, a Minolta, I felt in love with photography and from that moment I never stopped taking pictures

Rafael adds. The camera provides Rafael with an immediate freedom he loves. It is through this medium that he is most comfortable expressing himself and his need to be creative. Rafael's choice of subject mater comes form sensitivity and intuition, fueled by a desire to be part of the story happening around him. The constant change in light and atmosphere in "Nature" offers him and infinite array of creative opportunities. When taking a picture Rafael try to capture the light within the shadows. The ability to seize a moment ether be a sunset, a beautiful flower, an animal in quiet repose or a person occupy doing their daily chores fascinates him.
I wish my photographs will take people to a specific moment in time and help them understand my reality. I also hopes that that reality will become their own.

It is also Rafael's desire to communicate through his photos with people with diverse ethnic backgrounds. To Rafael the camera is "The magic lens", a window to the world around him. It is his hope that his photographs will bring to you the world as he sees it.

Rafael González is a Cuban born photographer living in North Miami, Florida.
Visit Rafael González website: themagiclensphotography.com

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