Terry Lindsey

Photographer, Page Arizona

I am Terry (TJ) Lindsey and like everyone, I enjoy photographs. What is it that captures our interest, our imagination?
A photograph can be a record of an event, a time, a place.

More importantly, a photograph is a window. Through this frame, the observer has choices. Is the image a record in time, or is the image an introduction to a world for us to explore in our imagination?

When the observer accepts ownership and takes the photograph into his or her own personal experience, the act of inspiration is achieved. To me, this is the very definition of art.

NeoGlyph designs offers fine art prints of American Southwest landscapes. I strive to capture on camera my unique perspective of the stark beauty of the stunning landscapes of the American Southwest. It is my greatest joy to share these marvelous moments in time that I experience in my outdoor adventures, and to preserve them for posterity through my photograph

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