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Chad Weisser

Chad Weisser

Chad Weisser has shared his time between New York and Los Angeles with family roots running deep in Florida soil. He currently resides between New York & Miami, in addition to his global travels searching out new experiences to capture imagery set forth to provoke an understanding of stories without words. Weisser is truly a citizen of the world unequivocally incapable of remaining static. A nomad, from childhood having lived in countless cities i.e. Sarasota, Austin, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Miami & NYC, he learned at an early age how to create impressions and extract them in the mind's eye.

Magnificent images of the mountains, prairies, ocean, and people are manifested from his experiences and the relationship established with the whimsical and majestic environments of which he encounters. Weisser continues to consistently exercise his inexplicable burning desire to explore the planet's vast regions, thus being portrayed in every aspect of his work.
How did you become a photographer?

10 yrs. ago a buddy that owned a company flying to events to colleges asked me to help him shooting college students at events, just learned from trial and error on the road.

How long have you been working in the photography arena?

Professionally about 5 yrs. but 10 yrs. from the time I started to shoot.

Do you have any favorite stories from your work life?

I’ve been blessed to travel, I just spent 3 months in SE Asia ( Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore & Bali) to shoot, this was my second time there, and I’ve traveled all over Europe because of my passion of Photography and Traveling.

What type of photography do you do most?

My passion is Travel Landscape & Cityscape but my job is shooting High End Real Estate photography and occasionally head shots for agents and business owners.

Describe a typical day in your life.

Well I say I spend 75 editing and 25 shooting, I wish it was the other way around but editing my pics takes up most of my time. When not working its beach time or traveling.

How is it to live in Miami?

It’s nice to be in Miami, the weather is very nice, the ocean is blue and warm, the nightlife is all night. I’m working on living in NYC summers and Miami winters is my dream.

what inspires you?

Travel, adventure, “The World”

What is your best photography tip?

Patience, Persistence, Always learning.

Tell us more about your businesses

As a High End Real Estate photographer it’s all about marketing the property for a higher asking price and quicker turnaround time, that’s what I bring to Home Owners and Agents. I also work with Interior Designers, and Architecture Firms. If you’re in need of a High end Real Estate photographer or you’re an Interior Designer or Architecture Firms please contact me for a meeting.

Contact Information:

Email: weisserphotography@gmail.com
Website: www.weisserphotography.com/real-estate
Phone: 310-497-1222
Address: Miami, NYC

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