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Photographer Interview
Chad Weisser, Miami

My passion is Travel Landscape & Cityscape but my job is shooting High End Real Estate photography and occasionally head shots for agents and business owners. It’s nice to be in Miami, the weather is very nice, the ocean is blue and warm, the nightlife is all night. I’m working on living in NYC summers and Miami winters is my dream.

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Nice neighborhood
Janet Zipper, New Jersey

This is a nice quiet neighborhood to live in. Very safe and friendly neighbors. Close to schools and shopping

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Janet Zipper Spotswood, New Jersey
So close to everything
Roma Hoffman
Austin, Texas

I love living here, the parks are so close! Also, many restaurants and close to downtown!

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Roma Hoffman Austin, Texas
Inexpensive Real Estate
Lara Ballard, Florida

I live in a small part of Daytona called Holly Hill almost to Ormond Beach. Great Parks, Schools, Grocery Stores and Transportation.

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Homecrest sephardic neighborhood
Yona Srour, NYC

Close to shuls kosher retaurants, glatt kosher butcher and 5 minutes to train. Great Parks, Religious Community...

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I've lived here all my life
Marcia Musial, Wilkeswood Pa.

I've lived here all my life and will probably never leave. It's a melting pot of many different ethnicities and creeds. We have the four distinct seasons and we are within a half hour drive of the Pocono Mountains, and about a 15 minute drive from Montage Ski Resort.

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